About Us

We put you where the fish are…

West Ocean City Watersports is a family run business started by two local boys. We keep our staff small and our goals high. We aim to ensure an excellent experience for every customer. Our entire staff is local and most have grown up fishing in and around Ocean City. We would love the opportunity to pass on our years of fishing knowledge to your family. IF you’re not a fishing enthusiast, we also offer pontoon rentals so you can enjoy a relaxing day on the water. Whether you want to go fishing, tubing, or just spend a day on the bay, please allow our family to take care of yours.


“Great option for those that want a day on the bay and don’t own a boat. They do a good job servicing customers and the boats were safe and clean. Nice job!”
-HauntFan1031 from Trip Advisor

“We booked a parasailing trip with a large group in July and had an amazing experience. You have awesome staff, great boats, and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. We went up to 800′ and loved it. I was just over three months pregnant and the staff were great! Cannot wait to come back.”
-MissyStr from Trip Advisor

“We did a back bay fishing for fluke in August. The trip was a bit over 2 hours. The timing was just long enough without getting to crazed. Bait and tackle was provided as part of the cost. Soda, beer and chips are available for purchase, but you can bring your own. Calm waters, little to no chance of getting motion sickness. A few people caught sea robins, blow fish, several fluke with 1 keeper. The boat was a pontoon type with a cover to keep you in the shade if you wish. I would recommend this trip”
-r8humiston from Trip Advisor
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Pontoon Boats

1. Who drives the pontoon boat?
You do! All you need to drive is a valid photo ID proving that you are 18 or older. We provide a boater’s safety course to instruct you about how to drive safely on the water, but don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

2. What’s the maximum capacity for the pontoons?
The majority of our pontoons hold 14 to 15 people, but please call if you would like to request any special accommodations.

3. Can we use the pontoon boats to tube or fish?
Yes, please feel free! We rent tubes and fishing equipment as well as bait. If you don’t bring the supplies, rest assured that we will have the right equipment for you to rent. If you decide to fish, all of our vessels are equipped with up-to-date fishing licenses.

4. Where can we take the pontoons?
The pontoons can be used anywhere in the bay! This means that you can visit any of the smaller islands or restaurants/bars with docks. Unfortunately, rental craft are not permitted in the ocean but there’s plenty to keep you entertained for however long you rent the boat!

Flounder Pounder

1. Who drives the Flounder Pounder?
Our highly trained, local fishing Captain will be responsible for driving the Flounder Pounder. He has the insider knowledge to get you to the best fishing spots in Ocean City. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the water!

2. What can we bring on the boat with us?
Anything! We do sell snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages on the boat but you can feel free to bring your own. Please remember that there will be other families on the boat so please limit how much you bring with you.

3. Do we need to bring our own fishing gear? Is everything included?
You don’t need to bring anything with you. Your ticket price includes all bait, line, tackle, and fishing rods. You also won’t need to bring any type of fishing license with you; the Flounder Pounder is certified for commercial fishing, so anything that you catch that is of legal size you will be able to keep.

4. What is the maximum capacity?
Our boat is certified to carry up to 15 passengers – there is plenty of room for you and your whole family or group of friends!

5. What kind of fish will we be catching?
Primarily Flounder, we are the Flounder Pounder after all! However, you may also catch: Bluefish, Black Seabass, Rockfish, Croaker, Tautog, and a multitude of other species!

6. What do we do with the fish after we catch it?
If you would like to keep them, our Captain will filet and bag the fish for you for free! This means if you catch a fish your ticket price includes some fish for dinner! You can’t beat that price!

7. Where can we take the fish to filet it?
Our Captain or mate will filet any fish you would like to keep FOR FREE!